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Netflix’s Hilarious Comedy Almost Lost Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms Over One Shockingly ‘Wrong’ Scene!


Actors Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms are starring in the Netflix comedy Family Switch. The film sees Helms and Garner as a married couple who are magically swapped with their children in a Freaky Friday-like situation. The film also stars Emma Myers and Brady Noon as the couple’s children.

While the family-friendly comedy seems to be a perfect fit for Helms and Garner, they mentioned that they were uncomfortable in one scene that was really messed up. The scene was apparently a touchy matter for the two and they got through the scene after breaking character multiple times.

Ed Helms And Jennifer Garner In Family Switch

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is one of the most recognized actresses in the world, having worked in successful films such as Pearl Harbor, Catch Me If You Can, Juno, and Dallas Buyer’s Club. She was last seen in the Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo starrer The Adam Project, where she played the role of Ellie Reed. The Netflix comedy was a huge success.

She was also seen in the TV shows The Last Thing He Told Me and Party Down, in which she has a starring role. Garner is now starring in the Netflix comedy Family Switch, which sees her share screen space with The Hangover star Ed Helms. Garner and Helms play the role of a married couple, who switch with their kids to understand them better.

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A still from Family Switch

A still from Family Switch

In an interview with People Magazine, Ed Helms mentioned that he loved the premise of the body-switch and he was constantly thinking about how his kids would feel while performing in the film. He said,

“[I] found myself thinking about what my kids were going through and how they might be thinking. That’s why the body-swap premise is so timeless — because it asks the audience to think more about the people we’re close to and the ways we connect and disconnect. I hope people take a little more perspective out of this movie. But also chuckles.”
Talking about the film, Garner mentioned that it would connect to every age group and that there would be something for everyone to enjoy during the Christmas season.

Jennifer Garner And Ed Helms Had An Awkward Scene Which Was a Deal-Breaker

Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms

Jennifer Garner and Ed Helms

Jennifer Garner mentioned that Ed Helms and she had a riot while filming the comedy. Helms said that they broke character multiple times and that there was no competition between the two on how many times they would break during a scene. Garner mentioned,

“You cannot put me in a scene with Ed Helms and expect me not to break. I’m sorry. That’s not going to happen.”

However, there was one scene in the comedy that made things awkward for the two. In the film, Helms and Garner switch their bodies with that of their kids, played by Brady Noon and Emma Myers. There was reportedly a scene in the film where they had to kiss after the switch had occurred, which made it awkward for the duo as the switch would make them siblings.

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Ed Helms mentioned that there was a lot of awkwardness during the scene and that they messed up many takes while filming the scene. Garner said,

“If I were in my mom’s body kissing my dad, I’m kissing my dad, and I’m also kissing my brother because my brother is in my dad’s body. There’s so much wrong with it.”

Despite the uncomfortable scene, the duo seemed to have powered through and finished the scene. Family Switch is streaming on Netflix.


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