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NBA Vet Jamal Crawford’s Game-Changing Proposal for Seasoned Players


Jamal Crawford recently appeared on Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors’ podcast, and he proposed a rule for NBA teams to have a certain number of players with years of experience in the league to help the development of young players.

“There should be a rule that on every team you need three guys that have 10 years or more experience, because you could help like slow some of the things that are happening now with the younger generation on and especially off the court,” Jamal Crawford said on the Draymond Green Show. “We see it, like no no no, like slow down you have to move like this. And if they just have one and it’s still just a bunch of young guys then they’ll just be like look at this old dude. But if you have two or three like no, you need to slow down, I think they hear it a little bit differently. I think that should be a mandatory (rule) I think it will help the league, it will help the young players set their foundation.”

It is an interesting proposal from Crawford. Most of the time in the NBA, the youngest teams are towards the bottom when it comes to record, and are often on their own when it comes to finding their way in the NBA. Maybe they could benefit from some guidance from veterans in the league.

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It would be hard for the league to legislate Crawford’s proposal, but it could give teams something to think about, even if they bring in veterans who do not get minutes.


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