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Molly Qerim’s Fiery Wardrobe Oops on ‘First Take’ – Prepare for a Spicy Surprise! (PIC)


Molly Qerim in baby blue dress
‘First Take’ co-host Molly Qerim suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the show this week.

Qerim has been going viral pretty often as of late – whether it be for her outfits, Stephen A. Smith’s cringeworthy thirsty comments, or Dan Orlovsky sniffing her shoe. She’s done so again as she took to social media earlier in the week to reveal having gone through a bit of an ordeal as her skirt decided to split as soon as she sat down to get things rolling.

Given that she sits behind a desk, viewers would have been none the wiser, but she was thoughtful enough to share the photo shown below:

We don’t even want to imagine what Stephen A. had to say about that. He likely had a real kick out of it, knowing how often he goes at Molly.


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