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Meet Mariska’s Main Man: The Lowdown on Peter Hermann, Husband Extraordinaire


He has been married to The Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star for 19 years

Who is Peter Hermann?

Peter Hermann is an actor born on August 15, 1967, in New York City.

The German-American moved to Germany as a baby but returned to the United States at the age of 10.

As an actor, he worked on several episodes of the soap opera Guiding Light, Beautiful People, and the Lifetime original series Angela’s Eyes.

He is best known for his roles in Younger and Blue Bloods.

Peter has had a recurring role as defense attorney Trevor Langan on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit since 2002.

When did Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann get married?

It was on the set of Law and Order: SVU that Peter met his wife, Mariska Hargitay.

In 2019, Mariska recalled to People that their first date was to a church service in 2002.

“We went to church together, and it was like getting hit with a lightning bolt,” she said.

The actress continued, “I just started sobbing. Peter thought I was crying because I was so moved by the service.”

“No, it was because I was just overwhelmed, realizing he was the one.”

Two years later, the two wed on August 28, 2004, in Santa Barbara, California.

Do Mariska and Peter have children?

On June 28, 2006, Mariska and Peter welcomed their first child, August Miklos Friedrich Hermann.

Mariska won her first Emmy Award months after August was born.

During her speech, she said, “When I named my son August, I had no idea that the month would end like this!”

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The couple adopted two children shortly after August was born. In April 2011, they welcomed their daughter Amaya Josephine Hermann.

In 2012, Mariska told Good Housekeeping that Amaya’s birth, “was one of the most meaningful moments I’ve ever had in my life.”

Six months later, they adopted their third child, Andrew Nicolas Hermann.

Mariska told People that adopting so quickly just felt right for their family.

“We never in a million years thought it would happen this quickly, but something inside of us knew that this was right,” she said.

“And we said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’ We knew this was our guy. It felt divinely right.”


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