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Lennox Lewis Declares Epic Battle with Prime Mike Tyson


Boxing fans and Joe Rogan aren’t convinced with Lennox Lewis’ claim that he fought Mike Tyson when the American was in his ‘prime.’

Everyone loves to talk about ‘Prime Tyson’ and fantasy book who from the modern era might have been able to take on the former world heavyweight champion at his best.

One man who did take on Tyson during his career was Lennox Lewis, with the two meeting in 2002, just one fight before Lewis called it quits and four fights before Tyson’s career finished but the Brit claimed he fought a ‘prime’ Tyson, something fans didn’t agree with.

Joe Rogan had the 1988 Olympic champion on his Joe Rogan podcast and asked “Do you ever wish that you fought [Tyson] in his prime?”

“In an essence, I did fight him in his prime. You know? I was also in my prime,” Lewis answered.

Rogan countered saying, “You were definitely in your prime, but I feel like his enthusiasm had waned by then.”

Fans on Twitter weren’t buying Lewis’ summary of the situation though with one taking to social media to say, “Lennox Lewis DID NOT face Tyson in his prime, despite what he says.”

Another added, “If Lewis had fought Tyson in his prime, he would have become a golfer,” with someone else saying, “Tyson between 1986-1989 would have beat any heavyweight in the history of the sport.”

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Someone else opined “Lennox Is the only comedian on the panel saying he fought Tyson in his prime LOL!!!” and a final fan also added to the belief Lewis would have lost to ‘Prime Tyson,’ saying, “Mike in he’s prime would have give Lennox a very short boxing career.”

Lewis won the fight when he knocked out ‘Iron Mike’ in the eighth round to keep his WBC, IBF, IBO, The Ring, and lineal heavyweight titles but the pair may have fought earlier.

There were rumours they might before Tyson went to jail in 1992 and on his return to action they looked set to face each other if Lewis, then WBC champ, could beat Oliver McCall.

His first professional loss ended hopes of the fight and he did eventually beat McCall in 1997.

Finally the pair might have met if Lewis could become undisputed champion by beating Evander Holyfield in 1999, who had twice beaten ‘Iron Mike’ in 96 and 97, but the controversial draw meant the two had to have a rematch.

Lewis’ final fight of his career came in June 2003, a year after stopping the former ‘Baddest Man on the Planet,’ when he defeated Vitali Klitschko.

Tyson went on till June 2011, beating Clifford Etienne and then losing to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride, definitely not prime performances.


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