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LeBron James Reveals How Scoring 100 Points in Today’s NBA is Achievable – Thanks to Kobe Bryant’s Legacy!


LeBron James would not be surprised to see somebody approach 100 points in a game in the modern NBA.

As the NBA experiences a scoring boom, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron Jamesspeaking before his 20th All-Star Game — says he wouldn’t be surprised to see a player eclipse Kobe Bryant‘s 81-point mark and even approach Wilt Chamberlain’s single-game scoring record of 100 points.

“We have some great scorers in this game,” LeBron said at his All-Star Weekend media availability in Indianapolis. “…You see guys putting up 50s, 60s, 70s … You’ve seen guys this year scoring 40 in the first half. I don’t know. You’ve got so many great talents in this league and when I sit here and say I think guys can score 80 or 90? Yeah, why not? It’s been done before and talent is talent, no matter what generation it is.”

LeBron noted the rise in 3-point shooting, the restrictions on defense, and the unstoppable power of gifted scorers being “in the zone”. LeBron specifically cited Caitlin Clark’s record-breaking outburst and Kobe’s unforgettable performance in 2006 (when the league was mired in an offensive slump).

“I think it’s possible,” LeBron said about a player sniffing Wilt. “We’ve seen Kobe do it. Obviously, I’m not gonna put too many guys on Kobe’s level, but when you have a hot streak, we’ve seen Kobe live put up 81. So, I think it can be done.”

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Thanks to the elimination of hand-checking, the unprecedented skill and range of hoopers, and the uptick in pace — among other factors — NBA teams are averaging 115.5 points per game in 2023-24 — the highest non-1960s average in history, breaking last year’s record average of 114.7 PPG.

“Talent is at an all-time high in every position,” Stephen Curry said this weekend. “Shooting ability, scoring ability, five-man units where everybody is a threat to shoot the ball — the game has changed dramatically. … I personally like the brand of basketball that’s being played because it highlights the amount of talent.”

A player has scored at least 50 points on 15 different occasions this season. Seven players have broken 60, and two (Luka Doncic and Joel Embiid) have reached 70.

In his 21st campaign, LeBron is averaging 24.8 PPG. His season high is 40.


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