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LeBron James raises eyebrows, doubting Lakers’ passion after ugly defeat against Rockets


LeBron James knew they had to better against the Rockets.

The Los Angeles Lakers are in a loop of winning big in one matchup and then losing roughly in the next game. Anthony Davis and LeBron  James’ team just got off a massive double-overtime win over the Golden State Warriors. Fans might posit that they will have all the momentum against the Houston Rockets but it was just not fate. Alperen Sengun and Jalen Green completely torched them. The King might know why this happened, via Lakers Nation.

“Just didn’t get back. We need to have a sense of care factor. We didn’t have no care factor in those last two and a half minutes,” LeBron James said about the Lakers’ offense in transition.

The squad would get rebounds but not have enough gas to push the ball against the Rockets’ defense. This led to the Lakers not being able to outgun Alperen Sengun and Jalen Green. Both of them combined for 64 points while three other players scored more than 15 points. The Lakers’ defense could not stop them but their offense was also unable to match their production.

James led the offense by staying on the floor for 37 minutes. This got the Lakers 23 points and 10 assists. Anthony Davis followed suit with 23 of his own and seven rebounds. D’Angelo Russell rounded out the scoring leaders by also dropping 25 points along with five assists. Outside of them and Rui Hachimura, there was not a lot of offensive production for the Lakers to get them into striking distance.

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Their next opponents are the Atlanta Hawks. Hopefully, they can bounce back.


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