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Lady Gaga’s fearless fashion sense gets slammed instead of celebrated


The weirdness and craziness of star Lady Gaga’s outfits have been increasing every day. Even if she were dressed in rags and beggar clothes, no one would be surprised.

Lady Gaga created her own unique, shocking fashion line that no one bothers to imitate. But the creations she considers often receive criticism.

She always wants to cover her 24-year-old but very old face.

It is difficult to see the true face of this singer.

Lady Gaga’s self-designed fashion, shrimp hat and see-through shirt.

Outfits that no one bothers to imitate.

Lady Gaga straw scarecrow, inspiration for farmers.

Performance costumes.

Thin dress for snowy weather.

Offensive clothing styles.

With this horn, when riding, she has to take off her hat to get on.

Wear it like you’re not wearing it.

One of this star’s not-so-complicated outfits.

And advocate for torn socks with Lilo.


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