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LA Fans Rejoice: Paul George Delivers Promising Russell Westbrook Injury Update!


Clippers star Paul George had nothing but positive words to say about Russell Westbrook.

Given how well the Los Angeles Clippers have played ever since they began to figure it out in November, many felt as though all they needed to mount a deep playoff run was to remain healthy. Alas, seemingly not a single team in the NBA is able to avoid the injury bug completely. On March 1, the Clippers lost Russell Westbrook for an indefinite period of time after he sustained a fracture in his left hand.

Now, it remains unclear when Westbrook would be back, and whether he’d be able to make his return to the hardwood before the postseason begins. But at the very least, the lingering uncertainty doesn’t seem to be bothering the Clippers guard in the slightest. Paul George, one of Westbrook’s best buddies on the team, revealed that the veteran point guard is in a good place, emotionally, and that he could be back on the court before we know it.

“He doing good I checked up on him yesterday actually and spirits are high…He’s superhuman bro. No telling he’ll probably be back [soon],” George said on the Podcast P with Paul George presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment.

Thanks to the Clippers’ acquisition of James Harden, Russell Westbrook’s responsibility to create offense for the team has shrunk, which means that he can take his time to recover. George, after all, thinks that Westbrook deserves to take time in his injury recovery process given how durable he has been since signing with the team last year.

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“I know we talked when Zu [Ivica Zubac] was here like we never see him hurt. He’s the most durable person….It’s probably good that he’s taking this little time away,” George added.

At the end of the day, the Clippers have the depth to weather Russell Westbrook’s absence, so he shouldn’t feel any sort of pressure to come back with there being a little over a month to go before the playoffs. Paul George and company will need Westbrook to be his best self — someone who can change the game with his energy, pace, and defense while possessing the potential to pop off on the scoring column on any given night.

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