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Kevin Durant’s Stance on NBA All-Star Shootout Contest Winner Flips! Steph Curry’s “Instigator” Title Shakes Things Up!


During their time together as teammates, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry won multiple championships. However, recent comments have caused the Phoenix Suns star to turn on his former running mate.

In something that has never been done before, Curry will have a three-point shootout with WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu. When asked who he thought was going to win the showdown, KD sided with Curry.

A few days later, Curry was asked to pick who he thought Kevin Durant would pick as the winner. He figured he pick Ionescu, calling the superstar forward an instigator. KD later saw this remark on social media and had no choice but to switch sides following that jab.

Ionescu and Curry will have their own event separate from the NBA’s three-point contest. Originally, she was going to shoot from the WNBA line while Curry shot from NBA range. Things have changed since she took to social media saying she isn’t scared to shoot from farther out.

During his career, the Golden State Warriors star has won the three-point contest on two separate occasions. His first win came back in 2015, with his second victory happening years later in 2021. Now, he is stepping back in the ring to take on a brand new challenger.

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Kevin Durant also set to be in attendance at NBA All-Star weekend

It won’t be in a special event made just for him, but Kevin Durant is slated to be in attendance at NBA All-Star weekend. He will partake in the All-Star game itself on Sunday, February 18th.

Durant will be in the starting lineup for the Western Conference All-Stars. Alongside him will be Luka Doncic, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, LeBron James and Nikola Jokic. This year will mark the 14th time in Durant’s legendary career that he’s been named an All-Star.

Despite turning 35 just before the season started, Kevin Durant is still one of the top talents in the NBA. He is currently averaging 28.3 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.7 assists. The Phoenix Suns forward is also having one of the best shooting seasons of his career, posting 54/46/87 splits.

Since entering the league back in 2007, Durant has been a common fixture in the All-Star game. Since his sophomore season, he’s only not been named an All-Star once. This was during the 2019-20 campaign where he missed the entire year due to an Achilles injury.

Durant has done just about everything a player can do in their career, but All-Star Game MVP is something he hasn’t achieved. Depending on how much he actually plays in the game, he might have a chance to scratch that off his list.

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