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Keanu Reeves Takes the BRZRKR Universe to the Next Level with Debut Novel and Comic Book Collaboration


Keanu Reeves has set down his guns and picked up a pen as co-author of his debut novel.

Keanu Reeves

The “John Wick” action star announced he will expand the universe of his BRZRKR comic book series with “The Book of Elsewhere,” written with U.K. author China Mieville.

The novel builds on the story of Berzerker, a half-mortal, half-god character who’s on a quest to find the key to his mortality, and perhaps free himself from it.

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“The Book of Elsewhere” will be released in hardcover, digital and audiobook formats on July 23 by Penguin Random House’s label Del Rey Books.

In a social media video, Reeves says he decided on a novel after considering ways to further explore the character he helped create with the 2021 comics.

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Reeves intends to grow the BRZRKR series further by starring in a live-action film for Netflix and tying his name to an animated spinoff series at the streaming company as well.


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