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KD’s fiery response to Cavs’ puzzling move in intense 4th quarter showdown


Kevin Durant couldn’t hide his shock over this Cavs move…

Kevin Durant lit up the Cleveland Cavaliers’ defense Monday night. The 35-year-old Phoenix Suns forward had five 3-pointers in the 117-110 victory, including three straight to help win the game. Durant’s final possession stifled the Cavs’ best player on the floor, Darius Garland, from making a layup to seal the deal.

“I’m surprised they helped off, especially after I hit one,” Durant said, via The Arizona Republic’s Duane Rankin. “I just got to shoot those with confidence, fundamentals and knock them down.”

Durant finished with 37 points in the game. He had three turnovers in the first quarter, but with Bradley Beal and Devin Booker back in the lineup, KD shrugged those off and took over late.

“They keep it honest,” KD said of the Cavs’ defense. “They play hard and tough. They’ve got a long and athletic team. so we knew it was going to be a solid game all the way through.

Booker had missed the last four games with a right ankle sprain, but he helped Durant and the Suns in his return. He did not have a minutes restriction and finished with 27 points on 11-of-22 shooting, although he missed six of his seven triples attempted. Beal had 24 points on 10-of-19 shooting and impressed with his three steals. Durant, Booker and Beal combined for 88 points.

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“It’s good to have Book out there with his communication, it’s been on point always,” added Durant. “His intangibles that he brings to the game, we miss, always.

“Glad he was able to keep his feet wet in a tight game, too.”

Durant, Booker and Beal combined for 88 points.

“That’s that spontaneous part of basketball,” Durant shared. “You never know where the play’s going to start with us three, you never know how it’s going to end.”

Added Suns coach Frank Vogel, from Rankin: “They got a great ability to pierce single coverage or drop coverage in pick-and-roll and when they start bringing two to the basketball, they’re all willing passers.”

Kevin Durant finished with at least 35 points for the fourth straight game. He now has 13 35-point games in 2023-24, which is most ever by a player his age. Durant’s best period was the third when he had 19 points and pushed the Suns ahead by nine. Phoenix trailed by 19 in the first quarter.

“I think the rotations were perfect,” Durant said. “Guys made shots tonight.”

The Suns are now 38-27, sixth in the Western Conference.

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