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Kawhi Leonard’s Game-Changing NBA Rulebook Wishlist


Kawhi Leonard’s response was fitting for his character and brought on an intriguing discussion.

The Los Angeles Clippers have two superstars representing the franchise at the 2024 NBA All-Star Game. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard look to put on an exciting performance. Moreover, Leonard shared timely thoughts with reporters on the prospect of NBA rules changing in the future.

Kawhi Leonard had an on-brand response on future NBA rules amid his Clippers All-Star showing

A reporter asked Leonard what rule he would add to the NBA if he had the chance. This was his response:

“What type of questions are these?” Leonard said before showing a slight smile, per ClutchPoints’ Tomer Azarly.

The Clippers forward asked what answer people usually give to the question. The reporter replied, “Add a 4-point line,” and this was Leonard’s retort: “Nah, I’m not saying that. Fundamentals are already outta out of the game.”

Leonard did not say what rule he would add; however, one thing is for sure. He is not a fan of adding a 4-point line. The forward appears to not like the idea of putting more emphasis on long-range shots, which makes sense given his play style.

Kawhi Leonard started his NBA career as a lockdown defender and interior finisher. Nevertheless, he gradually grew his game to include more mid-range and three-point shots. His 2023-24 production is a testament to that.

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The 32-year-old shoots a career-high 45.3% on threes in addition to his 24.1 points per game mark. Leonard continues to be a two-way force and thus, has earned his sixth NBA All-Star game appearance.

No matter what direction the NBA’s rules go, Leonard is determined to continue producing at a high level.


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