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Jennifer Lopez Stuns in White Swimsuit, Setting New Bachelorette Party Goals


Any swimsuit Jennifer Lopez puts on sends out the message that she’s “forever young.” One look at her incredibly toned figure, and the obvious fact that J Lo has been maintaining it for years, putting her iconic curves on display any chance she gets, is all you need to know that. But J Lo just took things to a whole new literal level while on her yacht in St. Tropez.

The songstress posed for photos in a white Nikki Beach x ViX Paula Hermanny one-piece that did, in fact, say “Forever Young” in gold metallic lettering, and she played up the graphic with oversize hoops and flashy square-shaped aviators. JLo tied up her hair into a top knot, and she twirled around with a marigold scarf, not that she needed any extra accessories to instill this picture in our minds.

While logo swimwear has been a major trend on bachelorette parties, with the bride wearing one that puts her in the clear spotlight, and the rest of her bridal party decked out in complementary “SQUAD” designs, JLo’s giving us every reason to make the look more everyday.

Whether you’re the type of gal who likes to rock a brand logo or rather prefers to present something to the world about her state of mind (for example, we found a “happy as f*ck” maillot for $14 that fits the bill), scroll down to get inspired by JLo’s end-of-Summer wardrobe.

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