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Jamal Mashburn Reflects on Michael Jordan’s All-Star Game Wisdom


Jamal Mashburn revealed the incredible insight he received from an end-of-prime Michael Jordan.

Jamal Mashburn spent 12 years as a forward in the NBA, and he is making news for an intriguing story he recalled about Michael Jordan. Mashburn played against Jordan in the 2003 NBA All-Star Game. He revealed the eye-opening conversation he had with the legendary Bulls-turned-Wizards guard.

Jamal Mashburn could not believe what Jordan said to him  before the 2003 NBA All-Star Game

Michael Jordan played his last All-Star Game in the NBA as a Washington Wizard in 2003. He might not have had the same ability as he did in the 90s with the Chicago Bulls, but he had plenty left to give.

Jamal Mashburn recalled some advice Jordan gave him while they were playing one-on-one before the start of the All-Star Game.

“I always knew Jordan was great, but when I chatted with him, and he was able to break my game down analytically, [I gained more respect for him],” Mashburn told JJ Reddick on The Old Man and the Three.

Jordan named Mashburn’s tendencies, such as his inclination to drive to the left 80% of the time and pull up with his right hand. Then, the legend revealed key insight to Mashburn. Jordan said Larry Bird and Julius Erving taught him to “play the game within the game.”

In other words, Jordan emphasized the importance of changing one’s playing style to keep defenses honest. For example, driving right sometimes instead of going left mixes things up. The six-time NBA champion proceeded to go on a tirade about different star’s strengths and weaknesses.

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All in all, Jamal Mashburn appreciated Jordan’s knowledge and gained newfound admiration for him.

“I thought I knew a lot about basketball, but he’s on a different level.”

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