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Jake Paul boldly predicts he will KO Mike Tyson with his ‘delusional optimism’


Jake Paul has taken his ‘delusional optimism’ to the next level, by claiming he would knockout former world heavyweight champions Mike Tyson.

Paul has made a hell of a career out of boxing since taking the sport on, based on his popularity as a YouTube star, and making plenty of money.

He has fought the great and good from boxing, including a fellow YouTuber, a former NBA star and several retired MMA stars. Once getting in the ring with someone who has previously had a professional boxing fight before facing Paul.

Next up for the ‘Problem Child’ should finally be a showdown with Tommy Fury, the former Love Island star who has not exactly impressed in his eight fight career to date, but it is at least an actual boxer.

However, the 26-year-old might be looking beyond the younger brother of heavyweight champ Tyson Fury, and looking at a legend from the division.

Speaking on a podcast recently, the American claimed he could take out ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson in a fight, obviously the 56-year-old current version.

“You think you’d f**k up Mike Tyson? Who is now much older.” the social media star is asked.

Taking a huge breath, possibly because he knows he’s about to say something quite unreal, Paul answers, “I don’t know if I’d use those words, but I would win.”

“You would win?” he asked for clarity.

Before Paul can answer again there is laughter from elsewhere in the studio.

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“Come on Al, you’re a hater bro,” Paul says off camera.

Al then answers, “Are you serious?”

“As serious as a heart attack,” the boxer again answers, with no sense of shame.

“I respect you and your brother,” Al responds, “You guys have delusional confidence, it’s amazing.”

“Delusional optimism,” the younger Paul corrects him saying, “It’s a super power.”

Asked again if he could knockout Tyson, Paul says, “I think there’s a very very high chance of that. He’s not the same fighter as he once was, he knows that.

“I think it’s a great fight, for that reason. Me boxing on the outside, him trying to come forward to knock me out. I have one punch power, he has one punch power. Who wins?”

Whilst Paul might want a future fight with Tyson, it’s unlikely that he will be getting in the ring with fellow YouTuber turned boxer KSI.

The British star kicked off the fad with an amateur fight with Logan Paul in August 2018, before the rematch became a professional affair.

Jake tried to pretend he wasn’t impressed by KSI’s recent win against FaZe Temperrr, but Logan showed off his brother’s true reaction.

However, the Brit didn’t name either Paul in his list on his future wish list of opponents, instead naming one of the younger Paul’s previous opponents, Tyron Woodley, amongst a list of three fights.


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