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Isaiah Stewart of the Pistons set for court date following alleged assault by Drew Eubanks


Isaiah Stewart is in trouble…

Detroit Pistons big man Isaiah Stewart has now gotten a court date to address his recent punching incident with Phoenix Suns center Drew Eubanks.

Stewart is scheduled to appear in court on February 23 for the misdemeanor assault charge he got in his altercation with Eubanks. To recall, the Pistons youngster was arrested and given a citation for punching the Suns veteran before the two team’s showdown on February 14.

“Phoenix Municipal Court has set a Feb. 23 court date for the Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart on a misdemeanor assault charge, according to police. Stewart was arrested and issued a citation before being released last week after an altercation with the Suns’ Drew Eubanks,” Shams Charania of The Athletic reported.

Full details of the incident are still unknown, including what led to Isaiah Stewart punching Drew Eubanks to the face. Initial reports mentioned that the two were going chest-to-chest before the Pistons big swung his arms towards his Suns counterpart.

Eubanks himself was tight-lipped about the incident, only saying that “words were said” and that he got “sucker punched” before security intervened.

Both the Suns and Pistons have released their own statements on the incident as well, with Phoenix condemning the violence that Stewart showed. The team added that the incident was “unprovoked.”

“The attack on Drew Eubanks was unprovoked, and acts of violence such as this are unacceptable. We unequivocally support Drew and will continue to work with local law enforcement and the NBA,” a Suns spokesperson shared.

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As for the Pistons, the team only said in the wake of the incident that they are investigating the matter and what caused the incident.

More information about the altercation should come out, especially after Stewart’s court date. For now, it remains to be seen how the Pistons will discipline Stewart.


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