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Ice Cube Rocks the Stage with Stunning Tahltan Beader’s Artwork


Carmen Dennis had an exceptional day on February 20th. The Tahltan artist, residing in the remote community of Dease Lake in British Columbia’s far northwest, embarked on a two-day journey covering over 1,600 kilometers to witness the performance of renowned rapper Ice Cube in Abbotsford, located approximately 64 kilometers southeast of Vancouver.

To commemorate the event, Dennis meticulously crafted a medallion adorned with the image of the iconic rapper from “Straight Outta Compton,” employing beadwork techniques passed down by an elder. Donning her creation to the concert, Dennis sparked conversations among fellow fans. However, it was her niece and daughter, also in attendance, who persuaded her to relinquish the medallion and toss it onto the stage, hoping to capture Ice Cube’s attention.

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Much to Dennis’ astonishment, the rapper, known for his roles in films such as “Boyz n the Hood” and the “Friday” and “Are We There Yet?” franchises, not only retrieved the medallion but also donned it around his neck for the remainder of his performance, including the encore.

Rapper Ice Cube wears Tahltan beader's artwork on stage | CBC News

In a moment captured on film, Ice Cube expressed gratitude to the unknown creator of the medallion, acknowledging its significance amidst the cheering crowd. Dennis, overwhelmed by the unexpecteԀ turn of events, recounted shaking with excitement and her heart pounding in disbelief during an interview with CBC Daybreak North host Carolina de Ryk.

Ice Cube, whose career trajectory from N.W.A. to solo stardom has left an indelible mark on the music and film industries, had just commenced his Canadian tour, with the Abbotsford show marking the beginning. Dennis, a devoted follower of Ice Cube’s career spanning multiple decades, expressed admiration for the artist’s inspirational journey.

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Leading up to the concert, Dennis revealed she played Ice Cube’s track “It Was a Good Day” on loop while engaged in the beadwork, hoping to manifest the opportunity to present her artwork to the rapper. Remarkably, the medallion adorned with Ice Cube’s likeness became a focal point during his performance of the very song.

As Ice Cube continues his tour across Canada, including a forthcoming show in Prince George, which is significantly closer to Dennis’ hometown, she remаins optimistic about the prоspect of the rapper continuing to showcase her artwork. Nevertheless, whether or not Ice Cube continues to wear her creation, Dennis cherishes the unforgettable moment of seeing one of her favorite artists proudly displaying a piece of her culture.

Rapper Ice Cube wears Tahltan beader's artwork on stage | CBC News

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In summary, Carmen Dennis’ encounter with Ice Cube not only highlights the power of art to transcend boundaries but also serves as a testament to the profound impact of cultural exchange in the realm of music and beyond.


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