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Ice Cube Fires Back at Allegations of a Game-Changing Rap Summit He Supposedly Knew All About


Ice Cube has responded to claims suggesting he had “direct knowledge” of a “sеcrеt meeting that changed rap,” and the N.W.A legend has not held back in his response.

The notion of a “Sеcrеt Meeting That Changed Rap” originated from a blog post approximately a decade ago, where an anonymous source alleged that around 25 to 30 “decision makers” in the music industry colluded in 1991 to establish a prison pipeline through rap music.

According to this cоnspiracy theory, these executives would employ Black individuals to create music promoting criminal behavior, thereby providing privately owned prisons (alleged investors in the music industry) with free labor.

A fan brought up this theory to Ice Cube on Monday (January 29), suggesting that Cube and N.W.A were either directly involved in the meeting or used as a template for record labels to create similar rap groups, contributing to the prison pipeline.

In response, the “No Vaseline” rapper dismissed the claim, stating, “Opinions are like asshоles. Everybody has one and they all stink! What evidence do you have to make a statement like that?”

While Ice Cube may not endorse cоnspiracy theories like the “Sеcrеt Meeting That Changed Rap,” he has been critical of record labels. In a podcast appearance on Bill Maher’s Club Random over the summer, he alleged a financial connection between the rap music industry and private prisons.

When asked about societal debates creating division, Cube responded, “Who benefits and profits off our bickering and division? Follow the money.” He suggested that individuals who own record labels also own prisons, hinting at a suspiciоus correlation between the records released and the prison industry’s interests.

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It’s worth noting that reputable scholars have debunked the “music industry to prison pipeline” as an urban legend, although it touches on complex issues.


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