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Henry Cavill’s Ultimate Fitness Secrets Revealed: The Advice He Swears By for Fans


Among Hollywood’s long list of superheroes, there are only a few who have managed to captivate fan attention quite like Henry Cavill.

From his killer good looks to his strapping physique, fans have been enamored by the actor since his role in Zack Snyder’s 2013 film, Man of Steel.

While he may no longer play the iconic DC character, Superman, the 40-year-old once gave the world some of his best fitness advice to help get people started on their wellness journey.

Most people might have been expecting the star to drop his workout routine. However, he ended up surprising them with some reasonable tips.

Henry Cavill’s best fitness advice

In 2022, Henry Cavill joined hands with bodybuilding.com to answer a few questions about his approach to fitness. After all, with the star being Superman for almost a decade, there was no doubt that he had a few expert tips.

During the conversation, the actor was asked to share the best advice he had given a beginner before. He ended up responding with, “Do it your way.”

Cavill also added that beginners should make sure that they “get the right information, get the right knowledge” from others. However, he believed that anyone who was starting their wellness journey should “do fitness your way.”

The 40-year-old claimed that it would help everyone “enjoy” what they were working towards as well. While he may have wanted his fans to appreciate working on themselves, his love for fitness was kick-started when he had to take on the role of Superman.

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Cavill might have been the fan favorite as Superman. However, the actor once ended up revealing how keeping up the facade of the role was starting to get to him.

Henry Cavill shared how the responsibility of Superman was crushing him

Last year, Henry Cavill might have lost his role as Superman. However, it might not have been the worst thing for the actor. While fans loved his portrayal of the role, some moments made the actor feel a little trapped.

After all, with such a well-known character, people everywhere would have their eyes locked on him. All the looks and glances left him feeling rather conscious as there were times when his physique was not up to the superhero standard.

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The body image issues became so much of a problem for the actor that he was unable to go shirtless even at the beach. With issues so deep, it is no wonder that he has stuck to roles that do not highlight his build since he left DC. However, with so many projects lined up, there is no saying when he might choose to dazzle audiences with his stunning physique.

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