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Get Ready for More Gerard Butler Action: The Ultimate Guide to Every Upcoming Sequel, Including Night Has Fallen



Gerard Butler has several sequels to some of his biggest successes in development, including Night Has Fallen, the fourth entry in the action series.

Gerard butler greenland den of thieves angel has fallen

Here’s every upcoming Gerard Butler movie sequel, including the long-anticipated Night Has Fallen. Butler had scored plenty of notable roles before his breakthrough with 300, but that 2007 blockbuster took his stardom to another level. In the years that followed he appeared in everything from romantic comedies (P.S. I Love You) to dramas (The Vanishing), but his greatest successes came with the action genre.

Like Jason Statham, he carved a niche for himself in mid-budget action thrillers, including Law Abiding Citizen – which is getting a Butler-free follow-up of its own – or Olympus Has Fallen (whose White House siege was done by 24 first).

Most of these films follow a similar formula, being R-rated action pieces where he plays sarcastic men of action, while distinguished co-stars such as Gary Oldman or Morgan Freeman appear to add some gravitas to proceedings.

While Butler’s attempts to move up to blockbuster projects like Gods Of Egypt or Geostorm often crashed and burned, he always finds seems to find success when he goes back to meat-and-potatoes actioners. For fans of the star, follow-ups to some of his biggest hits are currently in development, so here’s every upcoming Gerard Butler sequel.

Den of Thieves 2: Pantera – Release Date TBA

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Big Nick holding a gun and walking

The original Den Of Thieves cast Butler as “Big” Nick, a driven detective chasing after a heist crew fronted by O’Shea Jackson Jr’s Donnie Wilson. Den Of Thieves was viewed as a Heat ripoff and received mixed reviews, but it was a surprise success.

Talk of Den Of Thieves 2 came up soon afterward, with director Christian Gudegast telling Screen Rant in 2018 it would feature Nick chasing Donnie in Europe, as the latter becomes involved with the Panther mafia as they plan a major diamond heist. Den of Thieves 2: Pantera spent many years in development, but despite Deadline reports it was gearing up for a late spring 2022 shoot, no release date has been set.

Greenland: Migration – Release Date TBA

Is greenland Scientifically Accurate

Greenland was a 2020 disaster film that reteamed Butler with Angel Has Fallen director Ric Roman Waugh. The story involved Butler’s character trying desperately to get his family to safety amidst a comet heading for Earth, but the film placed more focus on emotion than Independence Day-style spectacle.

It became a surprise success during the COVID-19 pandemic and a sequel titled Migration was later confirmed with Butler, Waugh and other Greenland cast members returning. The story will see the surviving characters traveling from their Greenland shelter and across the wasteland of a destroyed Europe. A release date has yet to be determined.

Night Has Fallen – Release Date TBA

Gerard Butler night has fallen

The Has Fallen films have proven a robust franchise for Butler, with the series having collectively grossed over $520 million worldwide. 2019’s Angel Has Fallen saw Butler’s Secret Service agent Banning clearing his name after being framed for an assassination attempt, and Night Has Fallen was confirmed in 2020.

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The fourth film – whose story is under wraps – is also intended as the start of a new trilogy. Progress on Night Has Fallen seems to have slowed since it was announced – possibly due to a legal dispute between Butler and Has Fallen’s producers – but all signs point to the sequel still happening.



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