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Game-Changing Revelation: Damian Lillard Unleashes Raw Truth on Joining Milwaukee Bucks!


Milwaukee Bucks star Damian Lillard reveals the tough road he’s faced with the transition to the Bucks and recent divorce.

Milwaukee Bucks star Damian Lillard recently spoke out on the journey he faced through his time leaving the Portland Trailblazers and ultimately being acquired by the Bucks. The trade process was a long one for Lillard since he was initially locked in on moving to Miami and being with the Heat, but with a business like the NBA, players don’t usually make the final call. For over two months, Lillard was on the trade block, fighting with the Blazers front office on where he wanted to go.

“[I did] stuff that wouldn’t make me feel overwhelmed. It can be because we all got feelings,” said Lillard, per Vincent Goodwill at Yahoo Sports. “We all have stuff we really care about, near and dear to our heart. I’m happy I’m a stable person, I got solid people around me.

Lillard wasn’t just going through the process of leaving the West Coast, a place where he grew as a man and a player. He was also working through a divorce in the middle of his transition to a new team. The eight-time All-Star made sacrifices to chase the Larry O’Brien trophy with the Bucks and cement his name in NBA history.

“I loved playing in Portland, living in Portland, loved the organization, had a great run… I just wanted a chance to win a championship. So that’s a lot to let go of.”

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With his small circle of friends and family, Lillard overcame all obstacles. He continues to work toward the complete transition in Milwaukee but was just recently named an All-Star starter for the first time in his career. Off the court the divorce was filed in October, so Lillard is just getting into a comfortable state mentally and physically. As time moves forward with the Bucks, he’ll likely ease into a smoother mental state, given the rigorous path he faced,

“It’s probably been the hardest transition in my life, all things considered.”


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