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Game-Changing IG Story: LeBron Fuels Trade Rumors, Knicks in the Spotlight!


LeBron James and the LA Lakers had a good Saturday visiting Madison Square Garden as the Purple and Gold won 113-105. Despite playing for the opposing team, it appears that James was thrilled to play in the Big Apple again, calling MSG his “favorite playground” on his Instagram story.

LeBron's Instagram StoryLeBron's Instagram Story
LeBron’s Instagram Story

NBA fans on social media are now speculating that LeBron could be hinting at a trade to the Knicks. If a trade wouldn’t be possible, others are thinking that King James could make his way to New York after his stint with the Lakers.

Here’s what some fans said on Instagram and Twitter.

“Bron to Knicks confirmed.”

Fan ReactionFan Reaction
Fan Reaction

“The trade rumours behind Lebron and the New York Knicks are getting out of hand. It’s already been confirmed Lebron James will not be traded from the Lakers. Now that’s not to say he won’t sign with another organization in free agency. More news to come.”

“Stephen A. Smith is STILL begging for Lebron James to demand a trade to the Knicks even if that means trading Randle.” 🤦🏻‍♂️

“Listen if you want to say that Randle has too much cultural significance to the Knicks to trade for a very short-term addition like LeBron, fine. But I’m sorry, Julius Randle is not a better player today than LeBron is. Come on.”

“Any Knicks fans that don’t want to trade Julius Randle for LeBron James aren’t really Knicks fans.”

“If the Knicks had the opportunity to trade Julius Randle for Lebron James, I’d drive Randle to the airport myself.”

“Its going to be really weird for me if the Knicks trade for lebron.”

“Am I crazy for not wanting the Knicks to trade for Lebron???”

LeBron James says he considered playing for the Knicks

LA Lakers vs. New York KnicksLA Lakers vs. New York Knicks
LA Lakers vs. New York Knicks

New York Knicks fans have likely entertained the notion of LeBron James donning their team’s colors at some juncture throughout his illustrious NBA career.

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However, it appears they’re not the sole ones harboring such thoughts. James disclosed to reporters on Saturday that he pondered the prospect of joining the Knicks at one point in his career. The conjecture surrounding James potentially switching teams has gained traction recently, particularly given his player option for the 2024-25 season.

Nonetheless, his agent, Rich Paul, quashed any immediate speculation of a move before Thursday’s trade deadline by affirming that LeBron won’t be traded.

While there may come a time when James becomes a magnet for attention in the bustling metropolis of New York, the current scenario suggests that acquiring King James may not align with the Knicks’ current trajectory. Especially considering the team’s performance under the helm of guard Jalen Brunson, it appears that recruiting James may not be the optimal move for them at this juncture.

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