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From Court to Coach: LeBron’s Next Game-Changing Move!


LeBron James has been labeled as a coach killer before. Some have suggested James acts as a player coach a la Bill Russell. Now, famous YouTuber Druski is jumping on the notion. He appeared on Skip Bayless’ show “Undisputed” and suggested James take over for LA Lakers coach Darvin Ham while also playing.

The influencer gave his basketball commentary throughout the show. He then called out Ham for not coaching the Lakers properly before launching in to his wild proposal.

“I think he just has to take control cuz that coach I don’t know what that coach doing ain’t nobody even listening to that dude,” Druski said. “I seen the whole bench get up and walk while the coach was talking he was still breaking down the play. LeBron need to just become LeCoach for the rest of the season.”


Ham is already the third Lakers coach during James’ stint in LA. Luke Walton was let go after James’ first season. Frank Vogel was not safe despite winning a title with James and the Lakers. Ham has been the coach since the start of last season.

Ham led the team to the conference finals, and instilled a solid defensive system. He has also gone a longtime without rumors of turmoil between him and James, that may now be shifting.

Even if Ham is fired, it is almost certain that the reins are handed over to LeBron James. Although James would likely have some influence on who is selected to helm the Lakers bench the rest of the season.

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Has Darvin Ham lost LeBron James and the locker room?

The recent struggles by LeBron James’ Lakers squad have started the coaching change rumors. James is known for getting coaches fired during the season, something that’s happened before.

LA went 7-8 in the month of January and continues to hover around .500 this season. The Lakers have enjoyed much better results with the turn of the calendar. They are 3-0 in February, but how much credit does Ham deserve?

Ham has made some questionable decisions in-game. His choics have also led to him being questioned by Lakers fans.

In a 135-119 loss to the Houston Rockets on January 29, Ham left in LeBron James for the entire fourth quarter despite being down 30. The Lakers made no dent in the lead, yet Ham did not sit the 39-year-old star. He also did not have much of an explanation for the move.

“At the end of the day, when you get down 30, you almost have to play perfect basketball to finish the game,” Ham said.

The risk of injury to LeBron James did not seem worth chasing the 30-point deficit. In the same game, Anthony Davis was seen leaving the team’s huddle before Ham finished drawing up a play. It will be interesting to see what moves the Lakers make at the trade deadline and if firing Darvin Ham is among them.

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