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Fox’s Fierce Reaction: Kings Roar Back with Jaw-Dropping 16-Point Win against Nuggets!


The Sacramento Kings pulled of a crazy 16-point comeback win over the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday in the last game before the All-Star break, and De’Aaron Fox got real about what the win means for the team in the Western Conference.

“It’s definitely big to be able to get a win like this, I mean at this point the rest of the season, especially in the West, everybody’s fighting for seeding,” De’Aaron Fox said, via Kings on NBC Sports. “Trying to get out of the play-in, doing whatever you possibly can just to move up in seed so, every game really matters and especially when you’re playing some of these Western Conference teams where you can make up a full game gap. That’s definitely big for us.”

With the win, the Kings moved to 31-23 on the season, putting them in eighth in the Western Conference. They are a game and a half out of sixth, which is the last spot to bypass the play-in tournament. The Kings will look to climb the standings more after the break.

Fox went into what type of game this was going to be for the Kings to get a win against the Nuggets before the break.

“We knew this was going to be a grind it out game,” Fox said, via Kings on NBC Sports. “That last game usually before the all-star break is usually kind of sloppy, guys are trying to get to their break, but we knew that we had to get stops at some point the ball would go in the basket. And I think in that third quarter was big for us because we were able to get stops and get out and run and just try to create easy opportunities for ourselves, and once we did that, we came back in, we tightened the game up and I think from there a lot of it was executing trying to get good shots and then just getting stops down the stretch.”

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The Kings return from the break on Feb. 22 against the San Antonio Spurs.


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