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Fiery Clash Between Heat’s Robinson and Brown Ignites Explosive Response from Adebayo


The rivalry between Miami and Boston heated up as Robinson and Brown exchanged words with one another.

There was a heated exchange between the Miami Heat’s Duncan Robinson and Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown that just added more intensity to the rivalry between the two teams. After the game, big-man Bam Adebayo and head coach Erik Spoelstra spoke about the incident and the aforementioned rivalry.

After the game, Robinson described the situation that Brown committed a “dirty play” on him and that was it was “unnecessary, excessive, and dangerous.” Adebayo stands by his teammate “100 percent.”

“I feel like I agree with Duncan,” Adebayo said. “He felt like it was a dirty play, I’m not going to get my teammate. That’s that’s what it is. And I stand behind my teammates 100 percent.”

Adebayo’s NSFW response about the feud between the Heat and Boston

Adebayo would then comment about the rivalry between the Heat and the Celtics and how that interferes with friendship with players on the other team. The All-Star center had a NSFW response where he said “I don’t give a f*** what’s happening,” if a Heat player does something, the rest of the team will follow.

“If you’re in a Miami Heat jersey and I’m on your team, I don’t give a fuck what’s happening. Action happens, we’re with the action, no questions asked, there is no second guessing on what you have to do the game. You know because obviously, you know some dudes is my homies on the team,” Adebayo said. “But in between the lines, they don’t care about us, we don’t care about you. I don’t talk to you before the game, I don’t look at you. After that buzzer go off and we can’t do anything else to affect that game, it might be a What’s up, other than that that rivalry still stands. They remember what we did to them in game 7 on their home court. So for us man is, this is Doggy Dog world and I’m riding with my team.”

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The Heat would end up losing game to the Celtics, which means Boston swept Miami in all three regular seasons game this season. They might call it payback from the Eastern Conference Finals last season where the Heat won it in seven games.

Spoelstra talks about the rivalry

Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra spoke after the game about the feud as he has been a part of it since he first started coaching in 2008. He said that the players now are “inheriting” the feeling they have about the Celtics and that every competitor should have that within them.

“You just want to be hopeful and grateful enough that you can be a part of something like this,” Spoelstra said. “And we say it all the time that new players come in, you’re inheriting this feeling that we have for them and they probably feel a certain way about us and you would never want to just go through an entire career and not have that. I know our guys embrace that, it’s good for competition, it’s good for the league, and it’s good for the players.”

Miami is now 28-25 on the season as they entered Sunday afternoon’s contest at the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference. They now will endure a six-game road trip that includes the All-Star break. Their next game will be against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday, Feb, 13.


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