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Eminem spills the tea: Why new rappers can’t touch Lil Wayne or J. Cole’s level


Eminem revealed that most new rappers cannot reach the level of Lil Wayne or J. Cole

The release of Eminem’s brand-new Side-B record, “Music To Be Murdered By,” which had been the subject of speculations for a few days, took hip-hop fans by surprise. He had his debut musical collaboration with Ty Dolla Sign in the song “Favorite B*tch.” Eminem raps in the song about knowing a few of the lyrical rappers of the current generation, but most of them fall short of J. Cole or Lil Wayne. The quotations from the lyrics:

Eminem Says Most New Era Rappers Won't Reach The Level of J. Cole or Lil Wayne

Eminem said in an interview with Sway in the Morning that J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are preserving the lyrical rap genre. “I believe that we should be aware of current trends as both artists and hip-hop enthusiasts,” Eminem said. “Pay attention to everything that’s new because a lot of these young people have studied the greats and you can tell. It’s amazing to watch them perform because you might get to refute some of the arguments made about hip-hop, such as the notion that “nobody really says lyrics anymore and this,” but that’s nonsense because a lot of these young people—Kendrick Lamar and Cole, in particular—have studied the greats. They either arrived before or after us, even though I know they are no longer children. You can tell they’ve studied all the greats because it shows in their writing.

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For almost twenty years, the Detroit native has been the focus of much conjecture. His ferocious, rapid-fire poetry has placed him in the annals of history, yet such discussion is often disputed.

Eminem’s remark follows “Zeus,” a song that criticizes Snoop Dogg on the deluxe version of his most recent album. When Snoop, a rapper from the West Coast, said that Eminem isn’t one of his top five all-time rappers, Em is said to have lost it. Although Snoop’s motivation for making those comments was never disclosed, Eminem has never taken back what he said.


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