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Draymond Green Throws Shade at Grant Hill Following Team USA Snub


Green had a bevy of suspensions this season which led to Hill’s decisions.

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green was on his self-titled show and talked about the disappointment he felt when it was announced he wouldn’t be part of Team USA for this summer’s Paris Olympics. He also talked about former player and USA basketball executive director Grant Hill as he made the public comments that Green wouldn’t be on the team.

“Yes, a part of me is disappointed because, again, if Grant was going to say that publicly, which by the way I’ve got nothing but love for G Hill. When I came into the NBA and I’ve publicly said this before, there were two guys I was Starstruck by one was Kobe Bryant the other one was Grant Hill,” Green said. “I grew up in the state of Michigan Grant Hill Detroit Pistons, and so I wish that he would have just said that to me. You know especially if you’re going to say that publicly. So it hurt me a little bit from a fan standpoint as well. I’m a big fan of Grant Hill, and to know there’s been a personal relationship and to tell me to my face that you’re going to need me for the Olympics and then to publicly find out that.”

Why Hill kept off the Warriors star from Team USA

Warriors star Draymond Green in front of microphones

It was a shocking decision since the head coach of Team USA is Steve Kerr who is also at the helm for the Warriors with Green. Hill said that the reasons for Green’s absences are the suspensions that have taken place this season according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

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“His contributions have been significant, and he is a real part of the legacy of this organization for his excellence,” Hill said. “But I think just in lieu of sort of what’s transpired this year, we made a decision to not have [Green] on this list with this particular point in time with the process.”

Green was first suspended for five contests in November for putting Minnesota Timberwolves stat Rudy Gobert in a chokehold. He was then suspended indefinitely for hitting Phoenix Suns’ Jusuf Nurkic in the face. Consequently, he would be out for the next 12 Warriors games and then another four after being reinstated and preparing to play again.

“We all understand and certainly have great respect and sensitivity to this particular period in his career, and he’s working through some things both on and off the court,” Hill said. “And so we at USA Basketball wanted to support him on his journey and we just didn’t feel that playing over the summer gives him the best opportunity to do what he needs to do.”

Looking at the Warriors, they are 19-24 which puts them 12th in the Western Conference. Their next game will be against the Philadelphia 76ers Tuesday night.


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