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Draymond Green Rallies Behind Klay Thompson, Conquering Heartbreak Amidst Nets Showdown


For a renowned shooter like Klay Thompson, sitting out the closing minutes of a game must feel different than what he’s normally used to. Unfortunately for him, that’s what happened on Monday night. The Golden State Warriors won against the Brooklyn Nets, but Thompson was nowhere to be seen down the stretch.

In the locker room following the game, Thompson spoke to the media, admitting how difficult it was to adjust to the late-game benching.

“To go from one of the best players…It’s hard for anybody. I’ll be honest with you,” Thompson said, via The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

The sharpshooter finished with just eight points on 4-of-9 shooting (0-of-3 from downtown). Luckily for Thompson, he’s got a teammate like Draymond Green.

The outspoken forward seemed to have overheard the conversation, prompting him to make a comment that attempts to tone down the topic of benching.

“I got benched in Game Five of the finals. Who the f*** cares?” Green said.

Klay Thompson’s current season for the Warriors

Warriors' Klay Thompson looking sad, with a screenshot of him being sad in an interview on the side

This isn’t the first time Thompson has been benched throughout the season. It’s happened a few times now, and his numbers might explain why. Thompson is currently tallying 17.1 points per game, a drop compared to his previous 20-point average seasons. He’s also registering career-lows from the three-point line (37.1%) and in field goal shooting (41.5%).

Still, despite his ongoing frustrations, the five-time All-Star managed to give credit to his teammates for stepping up.

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“It’s all good. These guys played great. Gui (Santos) played great, BP (Brandin Podziemski), Jonathan (Kuminga)…any day, winning trumps all,” he added.

Klay Thompson’s roller-coaster season continues. While there are still over two months of regular season games left, the Warriors have a ladder to climb in order to secure a playoff berth this year.






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