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Draymond Green delivers a reality check to Grant Williams with a brutal slap


Draymond Green minced no words on Grant Williams’ tough guy act following the Warriors’ 97-84 win over the Hornets.

Grant Williams, long before he became a member of the Charlotte Hornets at the trade deadline, has shown a penchant for getting under his opponents’ skin. He’s an incessant yapper on the court, he plays physical defense, and he never backs down from a fight. But Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green sees right through what he believes is a mere tough guy act from the Hornets forward.

Williams, during the Hornets’ 97-84 loss to the Warriors on Friday night, became the subject of controversy when he butted heads with Lester Quinones after the Dubs guard decided to shoot a layup with 12 seconds left in the game and the game out of Charlotte’s reach. This did not sit well with the Warriors at all, with Green deciding to go on an all-encompassing rant about Williams’ facade in his postgame presser.

“It’s kind of a sore loser type thing. Grant Williams got to stop it man. This tough guy (act) is going absolutely wrong for him. He’s a really nice guy,” Green said, per NBC Sports Warriors, via ClutchPoints Twitter. “Man you might wanna slow down. You want to be the president of the [player’s association] and stuff, you can’t be out here doing that stuff.”

In particular, Draymond Green could not comprehend why the Hornets forward would deliberately do things on the court that render him more unlikeable. After all, the Warriors veteran is familiar with the vitriol that comes with being a team’s enforcer, and he knows that it’s not always a rewarding role to play.

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“For some reason, he’s trying to jump on the unlikable side. I must tell you, it’s not always fun over here. It’s not always good (to be the tough guy),” Green added. “Talking too much is kinda what got you out of Dallas. Overdoing it. He was talking too much now. Stop all the tough guy stuff.”

“Pray for Grant Williams.”

It will be interesting how Grant Williams responds to this callout from Draymond Green; the Hornets forward, for better or for worse, appears to be leaning fully towards his on-court persona, although just how far that takes him remains to be seen.

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