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Draymond Green channels his inner Shaq in epic comeback after Charles Barkley taunts


Draymond Green had the perfect rebuttal to Charles Barkley for sure…

Charles Barkley‘s attempt to troll Draymond Green backfired hilariously after the Golden State Warriors star went full Shaquille O’Neal in his rebuttal.

During their broadcast of the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, Barkley hit Green with a backhanded compliment, telling him that he’s a “hell of a player” before wishing him “good luck in the Play-In.”

Green was initially left speechless as he tried to process whether Chuck was praising or trolling him. As Taylor Rooks laughed at it, the Warriors forward knew then that the NBA legend was trying to mock him amid the Dubs’ struggles in the 2023-24 season.

In an even funnier response, though, Green made sure to get back at Barkley by mentioning that he has a ring and Barkley doesn’t. Classic Shaq-style trolling.

Unfortunately for Charles Barkley, as what everyone has learned over the past few years, there’s just no way for him to respond to that. After all, the NBA legend is one of the best players to never win a ring in his career.

As mentioned, Shaq frequently reminds Chuck of that whenever they have an argument or mocking each other during NBA on TNT broadcasts. Green, for his part, has watched a lot of the show to know how to shut down Barkley.

But hey, props should be given to Barkley for his hilarious shot at Draymond Green. The Warriors star could really use the reminder as they look to embark in serious attempt to make the playoffs this 2023-24 season. Heading to the All-Star break, the Dubs are at 10th place with a 27-26 record. They need to make it to the sixth seed to avoid the Play-In tournament.

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