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“Divine Guidance Led Me”: Ex-friend spills scandalous secrets in OJ Simpson trial.


Ex-friend breaks silence: “I was following God’s orders”

Former NFL superstar and actor, O.J. Simpson.

Former NFL superstar and actor, O.J. Simpson.LAPRESSE

In a recent interview with The Post, Walter AlexanderO.J. Simpson‘s former friend turned prosecution witness in his 2008 robbery and kidnapping trial, attributed his actions to divine guidance. Alexander, who was once close to Simpson after his 1995 murder acquittal, underwent a spiritual transformation, embracing Christianity and attempting to lead Simpson down the same path. However, Simpson’s focus remained on partying rather than spiritual matters, Alexander revealed.

Recalling the events leading up to Simpson’s conviction, Alexander recounted Simpson’s instructions to bring guns to a Las Vegas hotel room, allegedly to retrieve stolen memorabilia. Despite Simpson’s attempt to shift blame onto Alexander during the trial, Alexander refused to take the fall, opting instead to cooperate with prosecutors. This decision ultimately led to Simpson’s guilty verdict.

Reflecting on Simpson’s passing, Alexander expressed a mix of emotions. While not shedding tears, he acknowledged a sense of mourning for the loss of what was once a close friendship. He described Simpson as a fundamentally good person who made a catastrophic decision, resulting in a 33-year prison sentence. Despite their falling out, Alexander still recognized the complexities of Simpson’s character.

Inside the moral dilemma of O.J. Simpson’s trial witness

Their friendship, which began shortly after Simpson’s murder acquittal, dissolved with the robbery case. Alexander recalled a pivotal moment when he informed Simpson of his intention to testify against him, emphasizing his refusal to risk imprisonment for his friend’s sake. Although their paths diverged after that confrontation, Alexander’s memories of their time together were tinged with both fondness and regret.

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As Alexander grappled with the news of Simpson’s death, he couldn’t shake the acknowledgment of Simpson’s past actions. While recognizing Simpson’s mistakes, particularly in relation to the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, Alexander also noted the extent to which Simpson had evaded accountability for those crimes.

In essence, Alexander’s narrative offers a glimpse into the complexities of a friendship shattered by a moral reckoning, highlighting the enduring impact of one man’s choices on the lives of those around him.


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