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Dick Vitale Drops Bombshell Comparison: Patrick Mahomes, The Michael Jordan of the NFL


Dick Vitale Unveils a Game-Changing Insight: Patrick Mahomes, The NFL’s Michael Jordan!

On Sunday, Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to their fourth Super Bowl appearance in five years after defeating the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship. Although Mahomes and the offense didn’t exhibit explosive performance, they did enough to secure the victory and claim the conference championship.

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Mahomes has achieved remarkable success in his brief tenure as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback, sparking discussions about his potential as the NFL’s greatest of all time (GOAT), akin to how Michael Jordan is regarded in basketball. College basketball legend Dick Vitale recently shared his thoughts on this comparison on Facebook.

“Just thinking out loud: Is Patrick Mahomes heading to be the Michael Jordan of the National Football League?” Vitale wrote. “He is such a winner and is so young. Many people felt during the middle of the season that the Chiefs were not going to be a threat to go back-to-back in winning the SUPER BOWL, but he proved them all wrong. Also, when the NFL playoffs started, many critics said Mahomes never won a playoff game on the road. First stop was Buffalo, and then it was on to Baltimore, and the rest is history.”

In hindsight, the parallels between Patrick Mahomes and a young Michael Jordan are becoming increasingly evident.

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