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Coby White Opens Up: How Chicago’s Trust is Fueling His Rise


Coby White has earned the trust of his team.

Coby White didn’t start this season off strong for the Chicago Bulls, and he’ll be the first to tell you that. Now, he is playing better than maybe anyone on the team, and he has been one of the best shooters in the league as of late. He has dropped 30+ in two recent games for the Bulls, and his three-point shooting has been phenomenal. With his elite play has come more trust from Chicago.

When the Bulls have been in tight games recently, they want Coby White to have the ball. He has hit some big shots in those moments, and his team trusts him to make plays. White is happy that he has earned that.

“I’m still trying to just learn and get through it. You know, the best way to go through it is to be in it,” Coby White said to the media before the All-Star break. “So I’m grateful that I’m in it and that I’m able to have the ball in those moments and especially in the fourth quarter. Like I said, I’m thankful I’m super thankful for that. Because obviously that’s when the winning time occurs. So for me, I try to just learn from the older guys.”

The Bulls are going to need White to keep up this level of play in the final 27 games. Chicago is making a push for the postseason, but it isn’t going to come easy. However, if their best players continue to shine, it’ll go a long way.

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Chicago returns to action on Thursday night at home against the Boston Celtics.


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