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Chris Paul Schools Draymond Green with Sassy Truth Bomb About Stephen Curry’s Injury


It will be crushing if Stephen Curry needs to miss time, but Draymond Green is confident that the Warriors can hold the fort thanks to this guy.

The Golden State Warriors already cannot afford too many losses as they try to climb the Western Conference standings. But the last thing they need is for Stephen Curry to suffer a potentially serious injury. But Lady Luck did not smile on the Warriors on Thursday night. Not only did they lose to the Chicago Bulls, 125-122, thanks in large part to a blown open layup from Brandin Podziemski, they also saw Curry exit the game early after he twisted his ankle.

It’s unclear yet at this point just how severe the ankle injury Curry sustained is. But the Warriors star has a history of ankle problems (hence the below-market contract he signed in 2012), which could make it more likely that this is not something he just brushes off after a day or two.

Nevertheless, Warriors forward Draymond Green is confident that in the event Stephen Curry misses time due to his ankle injury, they have more than enough talent to weather the storm. Green, in particular, thinks that the presence of veteran floor general Chris Paul, who could slot in as the team’s starting point guard, insures the Dubs in that department.

“We know he is more than capable. He’s Chris Paul. It’s been incredible having C here, but then you have Steph going down — no one is Steph Curry in the NBA. But knowing you are going into the game with a guy who can win you game after game after game, it definitely gives you confidence going in knowing that you are more than capable to win games,” Green said, via Kendra Andrews of ESPN.

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The Warriors indeed are fortunate that they have the veteran guard to step in and play a huge role if Stephen Curry needs an extended absence. Paul does not have the same perimeter gravity that Curry does, and Paul plays a more meandering pace, but CP3 should provide some much needed composure and top-notch execution.

Of course, as Draymond Green implied, the Warriors are hoping that Stephen Curry heals up in no time at all. But in the event that the worst case scenario comes to life, the Warriors will be thankful that Chris Paul is around to make the team’s life easier.

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