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Chris Brown criticized for forcefully grabbing ‘Love Island’ star’s throat


Chris Brown raised eyebrows during his recent Manchester, England, show where he grabbed “Love Island” star Natalia Zoppa by her throat.

The “Run It!” singer, 33, brought the reality personality onstage to serenade her for his song “Take You Down” during his March 13 concert.

Brown proceeded to give her a lap dance, and she looked uncomfortable as he grabbed her neck, as seen in a video posted on Newsflare.

Zoppa had been a contestant on the sixth season of “Love Island.”

The Manchester gig is one of the stops during the European leg of his “Under the Influence” tour.

Social media users seemed shocked at the R&B crooner’s antics, with one tweeting: “Aggressive as usual.”

“She looks really really distressed,” one person noted. Someone else asked if the event was “consensual” and another wondered “why does the girls sit there and take it?”

Zoppa was picked out of the audience to receive a lap dance from Brown on stage.

Zoppa was picked out of the audience to receive a lap dance from Brown onstage.Instagram/Rikie Kelly

“Is there no boundaries to this disgusting man. How many life’s is he going to ruin,” one penned.

“At least he didn’t beat her half to death like he did Rihanna,” a scorned commenter wrote.

In 2009, Brown caused much controversy and ignited fury among fans when he was said to have physically assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Brown appeared to choke the reality star during his Manchester show earlier this week.

Brown grabbed Zoppa’s neck during his Manchester show earlier this week.Instagram/Rikie Kelly

The “This Christmas” actor went on a rant last month and complained that people “still hate” him for hurting “Umbrella” singer Rihanna, 35.

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“Im f – – king 33! Im tired of yall running wit this narrative,” he started.

Brown then questioned fans about where “cancel culture” was when it came to “white artists” who “date underage women” or “beat the f – – k out of their wives.”

"She looks really really distressed," one person tweeted.

“She looks really really distressed,” one person tweeted.Instagram/Rikie Kelly

“Oh. That’s right.. they are your buddies,” he added. “No more fake love from me.. Stay out my way or get ran over simple as that!”

At the “Look at Me Now” singer’s Berlin show earlier this month, he took a fan’s phone and threw it away from her.

The ticket holder tried to film his lap-dance segment, but he grabbed the cellphone away from her and tossed it into the crowd.


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