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Chicago Bulls’ Coach Billy Donovan Exposes Game-Changing Weakness


This is what is holding Chicago back.

The Chicago Bulls are having a better season than most people were anticipating as they are currently 29-32 and in ninth place in the Eastern Conference. If the season ended today, the Bulls would be back in the play-in tournament. However, Chicago fans don’t want another season where they go to the play-in tournament with a sub .500 record. They want to return to the top of the NBA, but the team isn’t quite there yet.

Yes, the Bulls have gotten better in recent years, but it still isn’t good enough for the fan base. They have been very patient, and they want Chicago to return to elite status. Unfortunately, they will have to keep waiting, and Billy Donovan recently revealed what could be holding this team back from competing with the best of the best.

“We just don’t score enough,” Billy Donovan recently said, according to an article from Yahoo Sports. “We have droughts. When you’re playing against an elite offensive team, you have to at least maintain some level of pace. When we move the ball really well and generate shots and miss, we have to fight to get over that.”

We saw a perfect example of this flaw and the inconsistency of the Bulls on offense last week in a loss to the Boston Celtics. Chicago held their own for one half and led at the break, but then the scoring fell off and they couldn’t compete in the second half. The Celtics are an elite team, and those inconsistencies are what held them back.

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The Bulls are more than likely going to end up in the play-in tournament this year, but flaws like that will likely hold them back from going any further than that.

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