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Celtics’ Jrue Holiday Reveals Hilarious Backup Plan if Jaylen Brown Fails to Impress in All-Star Dunk Contest


Jaylen Brown will not disappoint Jrue Holiday.

NBA All-Star weekend cannot come any sooner. There is excitement once again as Adam Silver and the league brought back the conference battle for the game on Sunday night. However, this is not what Jrue Holiday will be watching out for. Instead, he is going to keep an eye on his Boston Celtics teammate Jaylen Brown for the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, via NBC Sports.

“Totally. If he stinks, I’m going to repost it.  How embarrassed I am going to be,” Jrue Holiday said about his Celtics teammate.

On a more serious note, he did wish Jaylen Brown well and cannot wait to see him in action for NBA All-Star Saturday night.

“I’m excited for him. Obviously, I know that, especially with the dunk contest, especially the big-name guys, the All-Star break is a time to rest. It’s to regain your mental strength. I think to go out there and do the dunk contest is big. Again, a big name like JB is super athletic. You see the dunks he does in-game. I’m excited to see him,” the Celtics guard concluded.

Brown will face some tough opponents in the Slam Dunk Contest. The Celtics star has to be more explosive than Jaime Jaquez Jr. from the Miami Heat, Mac McClung of the Osceola Magic, and New York Knicks’ Jacob Toppin. Will he end up dethroning the reigning champion and earn the Celtics their first hardware of the season? Fans will never know until Saturday comes and he impresses with amazing highlights and explosive displays of his vertical.

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