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Celtics’ Al Horford Unveils Inspiring Marcus Smart Revelation, Melting Hearts After Epic Win against Grizzlies


Sunday night was an emotional one for Boston Celtics fans. A slated matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies only meant one thing: Marcus Smart was returning to the TD Garden. Dubbed by many as the heart and soul of the Celtics, Smart donned the green and white for nine seasons before being traded to the Grizzlies. His hard work earned him the 2022 Defensive Player of the Year Award and his ability to impact winning teams without the need for scoring was already seen in his younger years. Just ask Al Horford.

Following the Celtics’ 131-91 win over Memphis, Horford revealed that Smart was one of the reasons why he moved to Boston back in 2016.

“My time with Marcus here was very special,” Horford said, via MassLive News’ Souichi Terada. “One of the reasons why I came here initially in ‘16 was Isaiah Thomas and Marcus. I have a lot of respect for Marcus…Just a very special person and somebody I really appreciated.”

Marcus Smart will always be loved by Celtics fans

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Back during the 2016-17 season, a young Marcus Smart was already providing grit and defense as part of Brad Stevens’ main rotation. Playing behind Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder, Smart averaged 10.6 points per game at that time. Throughout the years, Smart’s blue-collar style of play kept him in the team and he eventually became the longest-tenured Celtics player on last season’s roster before his trade.

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Upon his return, the three-time All-Defensive First Team selectee was given a tribute video amid a standing ovation and roars of praise all around the arena.


Marcus Smart may not officially be a Celtic anymore, but to Boston fans, he’ll always be seen as one.



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