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Cam’ron Claps Back at Austin Rivers’ Bold Take on LeBron James and Bronny’s Epic Partnership


Many people are starting to talk about LeBron James and his son Bronny teamming up this coming offseason. Among those to share their thoughts is rapper and host of “Come And Talk 2 Me,” Cam’Ron. In his show, he addressed Austin Rivers’ comments about LeBron and his son forming the first active father-son duo to play in the NBA.

Austin Rivers, son of NBA head coach Doc Rivers, was recently on “NBA Today” saying that he did not like the idea of Bronny playing on the same team as his father. Austin cited his experience as he played for his father during his time with the LA Clippers.

Several hours after the NBA Today episode aired, Cam’Ron responded to Rivers with his own take. Stating that Austin Rivers and his father are different from LeBron and Bronny James.

“Austin Rivers need to shut the f*** up,” Cam’Ron said on his show. “Because your dad didn’t have you at the right time and try to figure it out mathematically so you two could be in the NBA together cause the age gap probably was too different.”

The rapper proceeded to mention that he believes Doc Rivers would have also taken the chance to play with his son in the NBA if the opportunity presented itself. He feels the experience that Bronny will have playing with his father could be different from what Austin experienced.

“Them James n***** might be built for that…” Cam’Ron added. “I’m not comparing Bronny to LeBron by a fingernail, not at all, totally different players but I’m saying is the James family, if you could pull this off, I’m not mad at it. It sounds like a little bit of hate, Austin that is.”


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What exactly did Austin Rivers say that elicited this response from Cam’Ron?

With the NBA trade deadline only a few days away, the NBA Today crew discussed the situation surrounding the LA Lakers. They have been front and center of trade discussions, as they have reportedly been shopping for a new point guard to replace D’Angelo Russell.

However, despite how much the team’s name has popped up in trade rumors, they have yet to execute any moves.

Of course, their discussion about the Lakers also led to talking about LeBron James, who could opt to become a free agent this upcoming offseason. He needs to make his decision by June 29th on whether he will remain in LA. That date, whether by coincidence or not, is a day after the 2024 NBA draft.

After Brian Windhorst shared that what happens with Bronny in the draft will determine James’ decision, Austin Rivers expressed that he’s hoping they do not team up for Bronny’s sake.

Rivers, who was a member of the LA Clippers with his father was the head coach, said that people will “discredit” Bronny as a player. He also added that Bronny has the talent and basketball IQ but playing with his dad will come with plenty of negativity and too much pressure. A take that Cam’Ron seems to disagree with.


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