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Buzzworthy Twist: Will Hornets Miles Bridges Trade Beat the Deadline?


The Charlotte Hornets are one of the most talked about squads heading into the trade deadline. Multiple rumors have been swirling around involving a number of the team’s key players, one of whom is none other than Miles Bridges.

The high-flying forward’s 21.3 points and 7.2 rebounds per game shows exactly what he brings to the table. While Bridges’ biggest suitor at the moment seems to be the Phoenix Suns, a last-minute exchange before February 8 seems unlikely.

In a podcast, senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer discussed why the best possible scenario for the Hornets is to keep Bridges until the end of the season, considering how the forward becomes a free agent this summer.

“You look forward to this summer (and) they’re going to have opportunities to send him out the door via sign and trade,” Fischer said, via Yahoo Sports NBA: Ball Don’t Lie. “They could resign him themselves to a long-term deal, that will definitely create a longer list of teams that are interested in acquiring him this time next year.”

Bridges becoming an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season may cause hesitation among suitors, which is why a sign and trade pathway may be the most optimal route for all parties involved, including the forward himself.

Regardless, no matter what the rumors claim, only the next three days will determine what the Hornets’ overall plans are with their players. Miles Bridges, Gordon Hayward, PJ Washington and other rumored players on the trading block don’t have to wait too long to find out if they’ll still be donning the Charlotte jersey moving forward.

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