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Buzzing with Potential: Hornets Set Sights on Josh Green as Mavericks Pursue PJ Washington


The NBA trade deadline is just three days away and so far, the Charlotte Hornets have pulled off one major deal involving the Miami Heat. Acquiring an aging Kyle Lowry and a future draft pick in exchange for Terry Rozier, the Hornets seem to be in full rebuild mode with their season down the drain.

However, it looks like Charlotte might be willing to sell more assets before the trade window closes. According to insider rumors, the team is eyeing Josh Green amid trade talks with the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavs, on the other hand, are supposedly interested in Hornets forward PJ Washington. (per NBA insider Marc Stein)

It would seem that the Mavericks are on a quest to increase frontline size, as seen through their rumored interest in power forwards such as Washington and Kyle Kuzma. At the moment, Washington is averaging 13.8 points and 5.2 rebounds per game. While he only stands at 6’7, Washington’s 230-pound frame and 7-foot-3 long wingspan allows him to compete against much taller big men.

Currently, Dallas plays small at the four position with highflyer Derrick Jones Jr. and bruiser Grant Williams both standing at just 6-foot-6. A potential PJ Washington replacement still leaves them undersized, but then again, Dallas doesn’t really have the best record (26-23), which explains why they might be willing to experiment with new players.

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As for the Hornets, sending Rozier away was already their sign of waving the white flag. With a rebuild on the way, the team might just execute one or two more big trades before the deadline hits.



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