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Buddy Hield Embraces Trust and Thriving Opportunities to Work Magic with the 76ers


Buddy Hield has greatly enjoyed the beginning of his 76ers tenure.

After years of trade rumors linking Buddy Hield and the Philadelphia 76ers, it turns out they were a great match after all. Hield has been vital in each of his first three games with the Sixers, the most recent of which was a thrilling victory on the road against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With 24 points and eight assists, Hield was instrumental for the 76ers in their spectacular performance on offense. They have really needed Hield’s ability to score and the attention he commands with his ability to shoot. The 31-year-old has appreciated how involved he is on offense and how the team has trusted him in critical spots.

“Just trying to make a play. In my time with his team, they trust me to make a play,” Hield said. “I haven’t been in a position where a team puts the ball in your hands to make a play in a long time. Just trying to revive myself and get back to my regular way and it’s fun. I like the playing style and…the new opportunity the guards are bringing me and giving me. I want to utilize it all to my strengths.”

The 76ers being so devoid of perimeter creators prior to the trade deadline has made the addition of Hield a revelation. Even though he has only been taught a handful of their plays, Hield simply knows how to fit in and where he can attack defenses. His partnership with Tyrese Maxey, who possesses the speedy ball-handling that gets him even more open, has been great in their first two games together.

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Nick Nurse said that Hield was getting defended very hard in the fourth quarter. Coming through with some tough shots is simply what he does. With a bailout option like that, Philly’s offense should benefit tremendously.

“They’re guarding the heck out of our sets and our offense and it just turned into him looking a guy in the eye a couple of times and nailing a three,” Nurse said. “And that’s important because some of those possessions happen, especially in a tough, physical game. He can shoot the ball, we know that, and it was nice for him to make some and squeeze some off in critical time there.”

Buddy Hield is bound to take a back seat once Joel Embiid returns, though that still may not be for a while. His shooting is still so valuable that he should remain a top option in the 76ers’ offense.


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