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Bucks and Clippers Slam Dunk with Danilo Gallinari as Finalists, Reveals Patrick Beverley!


Rumors suggest the Bucks and Clippers are interested in Danilo Gallinari.

Teams around the league are signing free agents to improve their playoff chances after the trade deadline saw several veterans get released by their teams. Danilo Gallinari is apparently garnering interest from two teams in the league, as Patrick Beverley claims the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers are interested in the veteran forward.

Rumors suggest the Gallinari will sign with either the Bucks or the Clippers, per The Pat Bev Podcast. Nothing is set in stone, but the veteran point guard seems convinced Danilo Gallinari will sign with one of these two teams.

“Danilo Gallinari will land with either the Los Angeles Clippers or Milwaukee Bucks – Per Sources.”

Considering this “report” is coming from Patrick Beverley and not Adrian Wojnarowski or Shams Charania, we should take it with a grain of salt. However, it is noteworthy that Beverley plays for the Bucks. So, there’s a chance he knows something nobody else knows.

Gallinari would make an excellent addition for either team. He’s a solid depth piece and brings a ton of experience to the table as well. Danilo Gallinari is also capable of playing both small and power forward, making him versatile to fit in the rotation for both the Bucks and Clippers.

This season, Gallinari is averaging 7.3 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 1.3 assists per game. He hasn’t put up numbers this low since his rookie campaign back in 2008-09. But the veteran forward is also playing a lot less minutes than he’s used to. Regardless, Gallinari is a good enough player to be in the league. It’s just a matter of which team is going to sign him.

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With that said, keep an eye on Gallinari for now. If Patrick Beverley is right, then the Bucks or Clippers could make an announcement soon.


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