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Bold Claim Alert: Skip Bayless Insists Dak Prescott Outshines MVP Frontrunner Jalen Hurts!


Skip Bayless makes an argument for Dak Prescott to win the MVP award this season.

Dak Prescott is having a great year so far. He is arguably playing the best football of his career and is soon going to become a father as well. His performance has led the Cowboys to a record of 8-3, putting them on par with the likes of the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs.

This has led to a very interesting question: does Dak Prescott deserve to be the MVP this season? Skip Bayless thinks he should. The analyst had this to say on Undisputed on FS1:

Right now, I think that Dak Prescott is playing the greatest football of his life and he is playing at a little higher level than Jalen Hurts is. Jalen is playing at a higher level late in these games because these edge of cliff games he keeps pulling out with late great throws like the one he made on Sunday.

Jalen Hurts always comes up clutch. Skip Bayless is saying that Dak Prescott has been more consistent throughout the game and has not allowed the game to reach a stage where he has to scramble to pull off a miracle.

The analyst went on to add, “Dak is just a tick behind Brock Purdy in QBR,” the 49ers quarterback has a QBR of 75.6 this season while Dak has a QBR of 75.6 this season making him the 2nd best QB as per the stat. The primary issue with the Dallas Cowboys has been that they are yet to win against a team better than .500 this season.

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Skip Bayless is confident that the Dallas Cowboys will win the rest of their games this season

Skip Bayless defended the Cowboys while bringing up the common criticism the team has been subjected to all season.

They just beat up on bad teams, we’ve beaten up, we’ve rolled up big stats on bad teams…but he’s doing it against bad teams in runaway situations, maybe a lot of garbage time touchdowns. Our season is about to start and all of your excuses are about to out the window.

Skip Bayless and Dak Prescott

Skip Bayless and Dak Prescott (via AP/FOX)
The analyst is confident that the Cowboys will win their next five games. That will be easier said than done because they face the Seattle Seahawks, a team that Dallas can easily counter. However, next up will be the Philadelphia Eagles, their division rivals, a team that has gone 10-1 this season and will be the biggest challenge for this team.

Following that, Dallas will face yet another challenge as they go against the Buffalo Bills and then the Miami Dolphins before ending the season against the Detroit Lions and the Washington Commanders. The Cowboys will face some of the best teams in the NFL at some point, and their true worthiness will be determined in the coming weeks.


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