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Beyonce Unveiled: The Shocking Truth Behind Jay-Z’s Hollywood Hold | Divorce Drama Unveiled!


Jay Z Exposed As Hollywood Handler | Beyonce Files For Divorce? BEYONCE IS PART OF EVERYTHING JAY-Z DID SHE NOT INNOCENT AT ALL

Y’all, it looks like things are heating up in the Carter household, because word on the streets is that Beyonce and Jay Z are donezo, and they are headed for divorce.

The streets are saying that things have been tense between them for a hot minute and they have even been separated for a while, but they have chosen to keep it private.

But it looks like Queen Bee might be making some heavy moves to protect herself, because, word on the streets is that Jay Z is allegedly being lined up by the Hollywood elites to get exposed like his bestie, Diddy.

We’ve already seen that happen when his former Roc Nation artist, Mia, came out to expose his connection to the Bronfman family, who have been linked to some shady practices.

It looks like Jay Z might be crashing, and Beyonce is NOT about to crash with him, so she is dumping him and saving himself. Y’all need to get on this, because the tea is CRAZY!


Is Jay Z an Illuminati Handler?

After Aaliyah’s death, reports surfaced that Aaliyah had s3xual relations with Jay Z (a known freemason and parnter of Damon Dash). There are pics all over the net of the two getting “cozy” together. It is rumoured that Damon and Jay Z were fighting over aaliyah (were they fighting over who gets to control the ‘s3x slave’?) Jay z is a handler in the entertainment industry (currently he is the handler of Rihanna and Beyonce) which could lead to the fact that Damon could have been Aaliyah’s handler right before her

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You can youtube videos or probably search this site and find out about Jay-Z’s breeding and handling of future mega-stars. From the most obvious, like Beyonce, Kanye West & Rihanna to NBA Star Lebron James to Womens US Silver Medalist Kelly Stack.

He’s ruthless and really has no real friends…everyone in his life has a role to play if you’re not useful to him you’re out. This guy actually shot at his brother when he was 12 over stealing his jewelry which was prob fake anyway..when asked about it on CNN he said his brother was dealing with demons. He used Jaz-o (his mentor) to get into the game, got his name from him, later ditched him to hook up with Dame (apprently Jaz-o thought Roc-a-fella CEOs Dame Dash and Kareem Briggs were shady and didn’t sign a contract with them)….jay even had the lyrics “Dame made millions, even Jaz made some scraps, he could’ve made more but he ain’t sign his contract.”….so basically Jaz-o refused to sell out. He then used Foxy Brown (like he’s using Rihanna now) as his sidekick…the minute she lost value to him he ditched her for Amil who featured on several jay songs including ‘Can I get A’. He publicly chasticised her appearance when she gained wait and said she was high maintenance and dumped her…she became an outsider to the industry and even worked at K-Mart as a cashier. The guy is a leach who will destroy anything in his path…he took over Roc-A-fella from Dame and Kareem and is worth more than they are now.

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Allegedly Jay Z is Beyonce and Rihanna’s handler. Both are Illuminati s3x slaves. Beyonce was a reward to Jay Z for putting in work. Rihanna was turned out in Missy Elliot’s underground s3x club. She’s a handler for females.

There should be little to no doubt that Satanic Jay Z is a Prince Hall Freemason placed in a higher classic “House Negro- Scottish Rite” secret hierarchy like Dr. Conrad Murray than most lost brothers of the false craft.These certain House Negroes are exposed to a selective amount of privileges, and so-called secrets of the craft than most Prince Hall Negro members. But again, it is a very secret selective amount of their “truths.”

A mind control slave’s mind is fractured through severe trauma, causing it to “honeycomb” so that the core personality of the victim, as well as their alters, are compartmentalized. These personalities are isolated from each other and emerge depending on which situation the victim is in and needs to get through. The most common and openly discussed example is performers with stage personas who “take over.”

Handlers trigger different personalities in the slave through a variety of means: hand signals, words, colors, patterns, and symbols. All of these triggers are deeply woven into media and entertainment culture. The lexicon isn’t a large one and has been discussed on this blog and many others.

In the case of a breakdown in programming – which typically occurs when the victim is in their late twenties/early thirties – the walls separating the core personality and alters shatter, resulting in behavior that is often attributed to drug abuse. The victims are then sent to “rehab.”

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When a celebrity victim cannot be reeled back in from their break, they are sacrificed or written off as insane or incorrigible addicts and then forgotten by the industry and world that used them.

The video, for Crazy in love, tells the story of the birth of Sasha Fierce by depicting the steps towards Beyonce’s transformation. Through symbolic scenes, we first see Beyonce walking towards a speeding car (with Jay-z in the backseat). The driver is the entity that already took over Jay-Z. Beyonce loosens up her hair to prepare herself and gets on a stage to begin initiation, symbolized by s3xual dance moves. She then reaps the rewards of the selling of her soul with fame and fortune. Next, she is emulated by young girls who copy her dancing style. In the final scene, the good Beyonce gets literally blown up while sitting in the backseat of a car by Jay-Z – who calls himself “Young” in the song. As you know, Jay-Z isn’t young, but, in this song, he is considered “Young” after his recent rebirth on the dark side. After the explosion, Sasha Fierce magically appears next to Jay-Z, looking s3xy yet devilish. In his verse, Jay-Z refers to Beyonce as “Young B” because she was just reborn.

In this pic Beyonce looks completely disassociate/in a trance here


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