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8 Of the most terrifying animals to survive in the outback are hyenas.

Plenty of rare, beautiful and exotic animals can be found in the deserts of most continents. They are both able to adapt to the harsh conditions of hot climates and have evolved to thrive in them. These desert dwellers are so unique that most of them are almost impossible to find elsewhere world. Not that you want to find them. Some of these monsters can send you straight to the emergency room, or worse. But that’s what they are – the scariest animals that live in the desert!


 1. Locust 

When the Bible says locusts are scary, it’s not kidding. One at a time, these oversized grasshoppers are little more than ugly bugs, but when they swarm, not a single plant survives their way.

 2. Sun Spiders (solifugae) 

They’re not venomous and won’t (probably) kill you, but sun spiders will bite if they feel the heat of your flesh. Although human skin is too hard for their small mandibles. However, if you cut yourself a bit, things can go awry.

 3. Vultures 

Everyone should be afraid of vultures! They are evil with ugly leather heads and they devour corpses! Well ok they are great for the environment, but it’s no surprise you can’t tell me vultures.

 4. Horned Vipers 

These fearsome reptiles seem harmless at first. But it’s important to know that the venom of the horned viper can cause serious damage to red blood cells. Ingestion of blood toxins can be fatal. Today the venomous snake is an endangered species and not that interesting.

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 5. Yellow Scorpion 

Yellow scorpions that live in the Sahara desert use their neurotoxins to destroy anyone they come across. Although a healthy adult would only experience excruciating pain from the sting of children and the elderly, such encounters can end badly.

 6. African ostrich 

Maybe you don’t think ostriches are that scary, but that changes your encounter with a face-to-mouth. It’s one of the fastest animals on Earth, capable of running at 70km/h, which means there’s no escape. But in addition to its speed, it has excellent hearing and eyesight and can boldly Fight off predators with powerful legs.

 7. Monitor Lizards 

Unlike simple lizards, these baby dragons are very dangerous because they are venomous. But you shouldn’t be afraid of them, as they use these toxins on insects, mice, and other small animals. These cold-blooded animals easily adapt to the hot desert climate. When the weather gets really cold, they get more Aggressive, but then again, who doesn’t?

 8. Tarantula 

Most tarantulas live in dense tropical forests, but there are desert species as well. At night, you can see the green light reflecting off the tarantula’s eyes, yes, those are eight little lights! If not provoked, at least they don’t attack humans.

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