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50 Cent Roasts Meek Mill for Alleged Hookup with Diddy: Did Rick Ross Get Involved?


‘I bet Rick Ross did sum with diddy’: 50 Cent Clowns Meek Mill For Sleeping With Diddy 

Recent social media activity stirred up controversy when 50 Cent took a jab at Meek Mill on Instagram,

hinting at alleged romantic involvement between Meek and Diddy.

Although 50 Cent quickly deleted the post, it caught the attention of fans and critics alike, sparking discussions online.

50 Cent CLOWNS Meek Mill After He Got Exposed With Diddy - YouTube

Speculation surrounding Meek and Diddy arose from a lawsuit filed by Rodney Jones, accusing Diddy of sєxual assault. While identities were redacted in the lawsuit, footnotes hinted at a Philly rapper with ties to Nicki Minaj and an R&B singer with a Vegas residency. Academics delved into the document, linking Meek Mill and Usher to the mystery individuals.

Despite the lack of confirmation, social media buzzed with theories, prompting Meek to address the situation. He vehemently denied any romantic involvement with Diddy, clapping back at DJ Academics for insinuating otherwise. Meek wiped his Instagram clean, leaving fans guessing about his intentions.

Meanwhile, Diddy faced allegations of misconduct, with Jones accusing him of harassment and assault. Diddy’s attorney fired back, calling Jones a liar and refuting the claims. Social media users continued to speculate about the individuals mentioned in the lawsuit, including Meek Mill and Usher, despite their denials.

The situation shed light on past controversies surrounding Diddy, including allegations of grooming and inappropriate behavior. Fans questioned the nature of relationships within Diddy’s circle, fueled by rumors and cryptic interviews. Amidst the speculation, Meek Mill remained adamant in denying any involvement in the legal drama surrounding Diddy.

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50 Cent Clowns Diddy for Showing Too Much Love Following New Lawsuit

50 Cent is clowning Diddy for showing too much love after Puff is accused of sєxually assaulting a male producer.

50 Cent Clowns Diddy for Showing Too Much Love

On Sunday (March 3), Fif performed the second of two make-up dates from his The Final Lap Tour at Talking Stick Resort Amphitheatre in Phoenix. During one break in the action, which can be seen below, Fif addresses the crowd about missing them the first time around.

“N***a, somebody could have came in, fell out,” he said of rescheduling the show last year because of the heat wave. “If they would have died, it would have been f**ked up. Live Nation would have acted like they had nothing to do with the show. ’50 was the promoter. 50 did the s**t all by himself. We told him not to do it.’ That’s what y’all would have did to me. That’s f**ked up. I love you, why you don’t love me back? Where is the love?”

He added: “Hold on, we don’t want too much love. You know what happened with Brother Love and s**t.”

50 Cent Continues to Taunt Diddy

50 Cent has been one of Diddy’s most vocal detractors since Puff’s former girlfriend Cassie filed a lawsuit against the Bad Boy mogul last November, claiming Diddy abused her during their decade-long relationship. 50 even said he is developing a documentary about Diddy’s transgressions.

The latest lawsuit against Puff, which was filed by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones on Feb. 26, accuses Diddy, who legally changed his middle name to Love in 2021, of sєxual assault, sєxual harassment and more. Diddy has denied all the allegations in a statement released through his attorney.

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Meek Mill Says He Met Up With 50 Cent and They Squashed Their Beef

Meek Mill put out his latest LP, Wins & Losses on Friday (July 21) and has been on an NYC press run in promotion of the project. He recently checked in with The Angie Martinez Show and revealed that he no longer has issues with 50 Cent.

The problems between the two rappers seemed to start in late 2015, when Meek commented on a video of G-Unit horsing around. 50 did not like the jokes and responded in typical Fif fashion. Meek’s affiliation with Rick Ross didn’t help. From then, the beef was on for weeks, mostly consisting of social media disses.

Meek addressed the friction during the lengthy interview with Angie saying, “People don’t know this, I actually seen 50 Cent one day,” he says at the 27:55 mark. “He coming out of the hotel. You know we going back and forth on the Internet. Believe it or not, 50 and them a serious situation in traffic. This ain’t no average little light-weight rapper. 50 ain’t…he ain’t light weight when it come to traffic. Yo, we holla’d. We went to side like men. Had a good conversation. ‘You know we both come from the streets, you know what this can lead to. You got these type of dudes with you. I got these type of dudes with me. I always looked up to, fam. I don’t know how we got on this foot.’”

Apparently, the beef ended nearly a year ago, unbeknownst to the public. “He said what he had to say, I respected what he said. I said what I said, he respected what I said. That was nine months ago. We left that in the dark.”

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