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5 Dynamic Squads Eyeing Alex Caruso as Bulls Tackle Zach Lavine’s Season-Ending Blow


Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso has been a consistent name in the NBA trade deadline cycle. Teams like the LA Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks have been associated with him. However, nothing has come to fruition.

Caruso was also reportedly one of the Bulls who was untouchable for a trade. But now that Chicago forward Zach LaVine needs season-ending surgery, the Bulls might change their mind.

The Golden State Warriors have reportedly asked about Caruso’s availability. Given what the Bulls guard brings to the table, it makes sense for a team like the Warriors.

Caruso is a defensive-minded player who can also play as a backup ball handler and is shooting 40.5% from beyond the arc this season. Caruso is set to make over $9 million this season, and adding him would make sense for multiple teams, especially in their hopes for the postseason.

Here are five teams that are targeting Alex Caruso before Thursday’s NBA trade deadline.

5 teams targeting Alex Caruso amid Bulls facing Zach Lavine’s season-ending injury

#1, Golden State Warriors

The Warriors‘ offense is in a good place, ranked 11th in offensive ratings. However, they are ranked 22nd in defense. Caruso is a defensive savant, and his presence with Draymond Green can do wonders for the Warriors.

#2, LA Lakers

The LA Lakers are one of the earliest teams to show interest in trading for Alex Caruso. There were also reports of the Lakers targeting DeMar DeRozan in trade.

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If the Lakers want only Caruso, they have enough assets to make the trade happen. Moreover, Caruso has been a crucial part of a Lakers’ championship team.

Caruso is a monster on defense, and his presence can elevate the Lakers’ defense, especially in the postseason. They are 15th in defensive ratings, and he can help them get among the top 10.

#3, Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks are also a team that has Alex Caruso on its radar. Doc Rivers is a defensive-minded coach, and the Bucks are 19th in defensive ratings.

After the Bucks traded Jrue Holiday, their defense has taken a big hit, and Caruso can be a big factor in elevating their defense, especially the perimeter defense.

The Bucks do have multiple first-round picks that they can put into the trade to bring in Caruso. However, there is no saying that they would want to get rid of those picks. One of the factors that can convince the Bucks to trade those picks is their expectations from this season.

They consider themselves as championship contenders, and bringing in Caruso can get them to a place where they can use him in the postseason.

#4, Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks (26-23), who are eighth in the Western Conference have been looking to trade for a good power forward; however, one of the things that has been holding them back is their defense this season.

The Mavs are 12th in offensive ratings and 24th in defensive ratings. Adding Caruso can have a big impact. Previously, they have refused to part ways with Tim Hardaway Jr. in any of the trade talks.

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The Mavericks have Maxi Kleber, who makes over $11 million this season. If it comes to trading for Caruso, they have tradable assets; however, it can only come through if the Bulls perceive Kleber they could use in roster reconstruction.

#5, Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks, who are among the top 10 in offensive ratings, are in position for an Eastern Conference play-in tournament spot. They can become a legitimate playoff contender if they improve in just one area, and that’s their defense. The Hawks are 27th in defense and do not have big defensive players to help them in the postseason.

Moreover, having Caruso can also give them a backup point guard. Caruso is not a certified point guard, however, he is a fairly good ball handler. He has been shooting 40.5% from beyond the arc, which is an additional perk that would come with him.

Earlier, the Hawks were adamant about making a trade for him in the hope of making a bigger trade. However, given that they are reluctant to move Dejounte Murray, they might bring in AC to help their defense.

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