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2024 NBA Playoffs: Will the Golden State Warriors Reign Supreme Again?


The Golden State Warriors have been dealing with injury woes and chemistry issues all season long. The seven-time NBA champions are seeking consistency since the start of the regular season, but continue to struggle on both ends. Thus, their playoff prospects lay in jeopardy as we head to the NBA All-Star Game.

Golden State is 12th in the West standings with a 21-24 record. It won two in a row, but remain below .500. The Warriors trail the Houston Rockets (23-25) and Utah Jazz (24-26) by just half a game, while the LA Lakers (ninth, 25-25) are one-and-a-half games ahead.

Making the playoffs remains a long shot for the Golden State Warriors if they continue to play inconsistently on both ends. They will try to extend their winning streak to three games when they take on the Atlanta Hawks at State Farm Arena on Saturday. The Hawks have won three in a row and are 10th in the East with 21 wins and 27 losses.

The Warriors are still dealing with injury issues, with Chris Paul and Gary Payton II out and with no timetable to return. Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins are seeking consistency, but Jonathan Kuminga has played great basketball lately.

Golden State has seen its playoff spot remain in jeopardy, as reaching the play-in spot doesn’t guarantee them a spot in the postseason. And if their play in the remaining games stay on par with the rest of the season, they will probbaly not make the playoffs.

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With that in mind, what will the Warriors do with the NBA Trade Deadline fast approaching?

Will the Golden State Warriors shake their roster up at the NBA Trade Deadline?

The Golden State Warriors have reportedly not engaged in serious trade talks with any player so far, but things can change heading into Thursday.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Stephen Curry is the only untouchable player on the roster and the Warriors could shake their roster up in an effort to maintain a playoff push and trun things around. Charania recently said, via NBC Sports Bay Area:

“They’re going to take calls on Andrew Wiggins, Chris Paul, and could they get interest on a guy even like Klay Thompson? I think those are very much open conversations for the Warriors.

“They have to be open-minded. This is a team that is five games under 500, in that 12th spot. So, we will see if there is going to be any moves over the next 10 days.”

There is uncertainty over Klay Thompson’s future with the team, as the four-time NBA champion is on an expiring contract and the two sides have yet to reach an agreement.

Amid injury woes, chemistry problems and off-court issues, the Golden State Warriors are still trying to stay on track, but the clock is ticking for the seven-time NBA champions.

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